SMobile Systems + Sybase iAnywhere for Mobile Enterprise Security

SMobile Systems + Sybase iAnywhere for Mobile Enterprise Security
SMobile Systems announced that it has partnered with Sybase iAnywhere, to deliver advanced mobile security solutions for Information Anywhere Suite's Afaria mobile device management and security platform. Together, Sybase iAnywhere and SMobile will work to secure a broad range of smartphones from the latest intrusions and threats, leveraging SMobile's antivirus, firewall and mobile spam protection.

To date, the SMobile Threat Center has identified more than 400 viruses and educated the world on the existence of nefarious applications that target mobile devices and networks. Heading the Threat Center is SMobile CTO Daniel V. Hoffman: "From January to June of 2008, we have seen a 288% increase in the rate of mobile device infection. These threats are no longer theoretical and years away, they are very real and need to be addressed today. Moving forward, the market will see a significant increase in financially motivated smartphone malware attacks, which are designed to hijack proprietary information from users conducting online banking, enterprise-related tasks and online purchasing."

SMobile ( headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, currently sells the most comprehensive suite of security applications on the market for both consumers and business users alike.
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