BlackBerry OS 5 Features leaked

BlackBerry OS 5 Features leaked
BlackBerry OS 5 Features leaked. Although the latest BlackBerry firmware is version 4.7 on the Storm, a partial feature list was leaked for OS 5.0.

BlackBerry OS 5.0 Features
+ Flag messages and set reminder times on your BlackBerry.
+ View personal contact subfolders and edit contacts! Until now BES used to put all of your contacts into the Contacts application even if they were in different folders.
+ You will be able to view and use contacts that are in public folders and copy them to your local contact list if you have permissions.
+ You will have a file browser to access shared network locations to open, add, or save documents. You will be able to see document information from there such as file type, size, and date.
+ Forward meeting invitations and calendar entries from your BlackBerry.
+ Ability to add, delete, move, or rename personal folders.
+ Ability to view personal distribution lists that you have in your Outlook contacts and send email to them.
+ RIM is working on a solution to make emails that come from your BlackBerry look exactly like they would if they came from Outlook.

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