Iqua Vizor SUN - solar-powered Bluetooth car-kit

Iqua Vizor SUN - solar-powered Bluetooth car-kit
Iqua Vizor SUN - solar-powered Bluetooth car-kit. This useful accessory is a lightweight handsfree device that uses sun’s natural energy for power, and a wireless Bluetooth connection for communicating with compatible mobile phones. Vizor SUN is a solar-powered handsfree device that fits comfortably in the vizor of your car.

This small and sleek handsfree car device now extends your talking time to over 20 hours, and, with a standby time of a lengthy 500 hours, you can comfortably take your conversations on the road – without having to worry about recharging along the way. In a matter of seconds, simply attach the Iqua Vizor SUN to the vizor of your car and with the push of a button, answer and end calls with safety and convenience. The Iqua Vizor SUN uniquely recharges itself through the windshield of your car, utilizing the sun's solar energy – even while driving. With its trendy and anonymous design, coupled with Iqua's advanced solar technology, the Iqua Vizor SUN will soon prove to be an essential companion to your future roadtrips.

More information about Iqua Vizor SUN - solar-powered Bluetooth car-kit is available from the official website.
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