Garters & Ghouls 1.1 uses iPhone 3GS digital compass

Garters & Ghouls 1.1 uses iPhone 3GS digital compass
Namco has announced that Garters & Ghouls game is now available with its version 1.1 update. The new update puts the iPhone 3GS digital compass to use in a game for the first time. The game features 25 levels, along with a full set of in-game achievements. The game is available on the Apple App Store for £2.99.
The game, with is also compatible with other iPhone and iPod touch models, takes place in 19th century Washington D.C. where the player takes control of Marie Dupois, a young debutante brought back to life. Her mission is to destroy the forces of evil haunting the American capital by using the resources of a millennium old secret society.The player is thrust into 25 action-packed levels in an Adventure Mode featuring hundreds of monsters, numerous weapons and character upgrades. The Survival Mode allows for infinite replayability by randomly generating levels during each new game.

The new feature for iPhone 3GS players uses the hardware’s GPS digital compass to help locate rare power ups. By physically turning and moving with the handset whilst playing the game, the digital compass acts as a radar to help find super weapons and special powers, that would otherwise be extremely difficult to find. This feature is built into the game available for download from today from Apple’s App Store, and players who already own the game can download the update direct to their handset free of charge.
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