Android and Windows CE running on Broadcom BCM4760 Advanced NavigationProcessor

Android and Windows CE running on Broadcom BCM4760 Advanced Navigation Processor
Broadcom has announced that it has ported the Android(TM) and Windows CE operating systems to run on its advanced navigation processor (the Broadcom BCM4760), enabling a new generation of location-aware mobile internet devices (MIDs) and personal navigation devices (PNDs). As PNDs and MIDs evolve to include increasingly sophisticated navigation functionality and location based services, support for open operating systems will make these devices attractive to a broader range of application developers, driving innovation and improved user experiences.

The key features of the BCM4760 include:
+ A 65nm CMOS design process that delivers the most highly integrated solution available with a high performance GPS receiver and baseband, an ARM11 processor, an OpenGL ES 1.1/OpenVG(TM) 1.0-compliant graphics processor and advanced analog technology.
+ Several costly external components normally required by competitive solutions such as an audio codec, touch screen controller and USB 2.0 controller with high speed transceiver, have been integrated on a single die. Built-in applications processing is powerful enough to support open operating systems, making it suitable to power PND devices that offer more advanced application support than current products.
+ Support for Broadcom's other industry leading connectivity solutions such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and its InConcert combo chip solutions that provide an easy way to add wireless connectivity that extends the user experience to other peripheral devices (such as headsets and Wi-Fi access points).

Broadcom is demonstrating support for the Android, Linux and Windows CE 6.0 open operating systems on its BCM4760 navigation processor at the 2010 International CES.
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