Audience's A1026 Next Generation Voice Processor for Mobile Phones

Audience's A1026 Next Generation Voice Processor for Mobile Phones
Audience has announced the latest generation of its industry-leading dynamic noise suppression solutions for mobile phones with the new A1026 Voice Processor chip. Featuring improved performance features and a highly integrated, more compact and energy-efficient design, the A1026 processor significantly improves mobile call quality in noisy environments by suppressing background noise, intermittent sounds and echoes - whether surrounding the caller or the person they're speaking with - to enable clear communications.

The third generation in the Audience line of advanced voice processors based on the intelligence of the human hearing system, the A1026 is a single, mixed-signal system-on-chip (SOC) solution that integrates with two microphones in a mobile phone to uniquely identify the primary voice in conversation and eliminate surrounding noise. It also automatically adjusts voice volume and equalization during calls to adapt to local noise interference. For mobile customers, the technology significantly improves the quality of voice communications.

For handset manufacturers, the new A1026 voice processor is designed to deliver energy-efficiency and easy integration into mobile devices, improving speed-to-market. It also offers new features to enhance performance, including:
+ Powerful Processing: the A1026 chip includes a low-power, high-performance custom Digital Signal Processor (DSP) core that delivers industry-leading stationary and non-stationary noise suppression, acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), and Programmable Voice Equalization (VEQ) algorithms.
+ Easy Integration: the A1026 voice processor is provided in a highly compact 2.7mm x 3.5mm, 40-pin WLCSP (0.5mm pitch) package that can fit any handset style or design and easily integrates into existing mobile phone architectures. It also provides an auto-calibration feature eliminating the need to make per-unit adjustments on the production line.
+ Energy-Efficiency: the A1026 voice processor delivers approximately 30% power reduction from previous generation products in standard talk mode.
+ Performance Advancements: the new A1026 processor includes customizable voice quality tuning capabilities, a Post-Equalization Filter that allows handset manufacturers to manage frequency response, and a Multi-band Compander (MBC) to improve audio quality and reduce distortion for end-users when receiving communication, or using the phone's speaker phone function.

Audience voice processor technology is available across a wide array of mobile devices around the world and the next generation A1026 chip will be launching in mobile handsets as early as first quarter, 2010.
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