iPhone Programming for Windows using DragonFireSDK

iPhone Programming for Windows using DragonFireSDK
Zimusoft has created a product to build a bridge between Windows and the iPhone: DragonFireSDK.com (SDK: Software Development Kit). For the first time, Windows developers can fully code and debug iPhone Apps without ever leaving Windows.
Apple published an SDK for the iPhone, but it only runs on a Mac and it requires programmers to learn a variant of the C/C++ language called Objective-C. Of the 5 million programmers worldwide, over 80% work in Windows and do not know Objective-C. With DragonFireSDK, C/C++ programmers can develop for the iPhone using the Windows computer they already own and the language they already understand.

The DragonFireSDK product consists of a cross-platform Library and an iPhone Simulator. Windows programmers see an on-screen iPhone Simulator running their code. When the App is complete, an App Bundle is prepared that will run on the iPhone and is ready for submission to the Apple iPhone App Store. Games made in Windows with DragonFireSDK are already being shipped.

DragonFireSDK costs only $99.95. Many Windows programmers will pick it up and create a small game in a weekend. High schools and colleges are excited about filling "Introduction to Programming" classes that teach how to write a game for the iPhone. The Library of functions will allow programmers to easily create the kind of leisure games iPhone users enjoy while waiting for their coffee at Starbucks. Popular maze games like PacMan as well as side scroll games like Nintendo Mario Bros can be created using DragonFireSDK.
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