Sena Cases unveils 6 Leather Cases for iPhone 4

Sena Cases unveils 6 Leather Cases for iPhone 4
Sena Cases has launched six new protective leather cases for the new iPhone 4. The new cases are precisely handcrafted by leather artisans in Europe, and each case is comprised from the finest quality, full-grain, soft Italian Napa Leather with Sena's well-known quality and strong attention to detail.

The exquisite craftsmanship is showcased in the company's new iPhone 4 case models: The MagnetFlipper, UltraSlim, WalletSkin, WalletBook, Laterale, and the Fondina – featuring a unique open design with protection, class and maximum accessibility. The assortment provides users a variety of selections to fit each individual preference, and all designs offer exceptional details to enhance the iPhone's premium functionality.
The New Custom designs are:

MagnetFlipper: The ground-breaking MagnetFlipper design is Sena's most popular design, offering device port openings for all operating functions. Utilizing gravity, the cover is engineered with a hinged bottom and magnetic fastening system at top, thus allowing the cover to be flipped out of the way with a flick of the thumb and enabling the user to quickly answer the iPhone. Like all Sena accessories, the MagnetFlipper is custom designed specifically for the iPhone, resulting in a perfect solution with a ratcheting belt clip. Retail Price: $52.00, Pre-Order: $46.80

WalletSkin: The WalletSkin case is an innovative combination of a leather skin case with a wallet of four pockets for credit cards including a semi-transparent ID card holder. The form-fitting case is an exciting design from Sena for those who want to use a wallet in-conjunction with their iPhone case with a soft layer of protection to fully protect your precious iPhone 4—it offers the benefit of having everything you need in one central location but is slim enough to pocket with a protective snap to hold the iPhone securely in place. Retail Price: $52.00, Pre-order: $46.80

WalletBook: This unique design combines a fashionable luxury wallet and a protective iPhone case with a designer touch. The WalletBook case is a custom design offering two pockets for a credit card and an ID card. The book style case is designed with a side spine, presenting the iPhone on the right and a wallet on the left. The case also offers a multi purpose pocket for business cards or money and a protective layer for additional iPhone support coupled with style. Retail Price: $52.00, Pre-order: $46.80

UltraSlim Pouch: The UltraSlim Pouch is a special Sena design offering an ultra slim solution for those who dislike the extra bulk of common protective cases--it is the thinnest pouch case Sena offers for the iPhone. The slim curve hugging leather and micro suede lining is as close to naked as the iPhone can get. It is perfect for the individual who carries their iPhone 4 in their pant, jacket pocket or a purse. The UltraSlim Pouch offers slim protective functionality with luxurious designer style. Retail Price: $29.00, Pre-order: $26.99

Laterale Pouch: This amazing new case features a lateral footprint for a less intrusive grip to your body. It is designed with Sena's smooth Classic leather offering a simplistic yet stylish look. The Laterale provides a durable belt clip and a top flap with a snap closure for added security. It also offers a bottom push-through cutout for easy iPhone 4 removal through the wide top opening. The Laterale is inspired by simple Scandinavian rounded design and delivers protective lateral functionality in style. Retail Price: $39.99 - Available Now.

Fondina: The Fondina features a lateral footprint for a less intrusive grip to your body. It is designed with Sena's stylish River leather texture offering an impressive designer look. The Fondina provides a durable belt clip and open design for fast and easy release of the iPhone 4. It also offers a bottom push through cut-out for easy iPhone removal through the top opening. Its open style design offers versatility to seat the device front or back outward facing for added protection. The Fondina is inspired by simplicity. Its open holster design delivers lateral functionality and accessibility with style. Retail Price: $39.99 - Available Now.
Sena's iPhone 4 cases are offered in a variety of solid colors in classic, pebble, and croco leather in an amazing assortment at available at
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