WorldLenns social augmented reality iPhone 3GS app

WorldLenns social augmented reality iPhone 3GS app 1
The New York City-based QderoPateo has released its free, next-generation social networking application WorldLenns for the iPhone 3GS. The app allows users to take photos or post messages at specific events or geographic locations and virtually post them at that location for other people to discover. Other WorldLenns users in the geographic proximity of the area can then find and read the virtual message and photograph or leave their own. MobileMarketingWatch recently called WorldLenns "Foursquare on steroids," noting that it provides a form of "social networking that combines the digital aspect of new-age social applications with the physical world around us, creating a unique mashup that signals the future of mobile social networking."
"WorldLenns is the first iPhone application that meshes the physical world with the digital world, creating a social augmented reality that provides a new level of social networking and interaction among users," said Matt Gaines co-founder of QderoPateo. "The real world 'SpaceTagging' allows users to share virtual messages and photographs at specific geographic locations, including restaurant reviews, their favorite exhibit at a museum, sporting event or concert highlights, or their mood at a particular point in time. We expect to add a number of specialized channels for performing artists, entertainers, sports leagues and teams to WorldLenns in the coming months."
WorldLenns for iPhone is available for download FREE on the App Store in the Social Networking category.

WorldLenns social augmented reality iPhone 3GS app 2
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