Sueddeutsche Zeitung is the first mobile augmented reality enhancedprint magazine

In cooperation with Augmented Reality (AR) specialist metaio the entire issue No 33 of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung`s supplement magazine (hitting the news stands on August 20th) has been enriched with multimedia content which can be enjoyed by anyone using a smartphone. This makes the SZ magazine the first publication to enhance print media with the attractions and capabilities the digital world has to offer. With the help of AR technology by metaio, iPhone and Android users can enjoy additional multimedia content simply by pointing their smartphone camera at certain magazine articles.

The cover of the magazine shows Sandra Maischberger, the well known TV personality, hiding behind her raised hands. When viewed through the smartphone`s camera, however, the popular TV host appears smiling cheerfully at the viewer. Inside is a photo "interview without words" with Lena Meyer-Landrut, who recently won the European Song Contest. When looked at through the smartphone little speech bubbles appear with jibes and comments she couldn`t help making during the shooting (see image 1 + 2). The famous column of Axel Hacke triggers a fantastic 3D animation by the illustrator Dirk Schmidt.

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