OtterBox Utility Series - Latch for iPad debuts

OtterBox Utility Series - Latch for iPad debuts
OtterBox has introduced the Utility Series -- the Latch for Apple iPad. “With the introduction of the Utility Series, OtterBox not only protects technology but also makes it adaptable,” said OtterBox founder and CEO Curt Richardson. “The iPad is a great example of how mobile technology has evolved and the Latch is designed to further enhance its uses.

The elastic straps of the Latch wrap around the corners of the iPad encased in an OtterBox Defender Series, Commuter Series or simply by itself to securely hold the device. The padded hand strap is adjustable to accommodate different hand sizes comfortably. An additional adjustable elastic strap with Velcro is included, as well as an adjustable lanyard, screen cover and s-biner utility clip. All of these elements work in conjunction to form the most versatile utility accessory available for the iPad.

The Latch’s adjustable hand strap allows for quick and easy securing of the iPad to one hand, eliminating fatigue and reducing the likelihood of a drop. The elastic strap serves the dual purpose of fastening the device to the back of a car seat headrest or to the leg for increased productivity and hands-free carrying. The lanyard attaches to the back of the Latch and can be adjusted for carrying over the shoulder or around the neck in either landscape or portrait orientation. Finally, the s-biner utility clip allows the user to fasten the iPad to a belt for easy access, while a lightweight screen cover provides protection from the elements.*

All of these accessories fit inside the removable storage bag which doubles as an iPad display stand. *Utility Series NOT designed as a protective accessory. Screen cover is NOT waterproof.

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