Zombie Farm game reached 11 Million iOS Downloads

Zombie Farm game reached 11 Million iOS Downloads
The Playforge has announced that its iOS game Zombie Farm has passed 11 million iOS downloads within weeks of celebrating its one year anniversary on the iTunes App Store. Featured by Apple as the #1 Top-Grossing freemium game of 2010, Zombie Farm has seen phenomenal levels of player engagement over the last year. Zombie Farm players have logged over 6,800 years of game time since February, 2010 and its success continues to build in the new year as the number of daily active players reached an all-time high in January.

Zombie Farm has met great success rewarding players with ever-expanding content and fresh game-play that has proven to be truly engaging. According to Flurry's industry benchmarks, the average user retention for iOS games after one month is 19% and trails to less than 5% after 90 days. Zombie Farm more than doubles that benchmark, having retained 40% of players after one month and more than 10% of the users who started playing a full year ago. The game has also proven to be twice as addictive as the industry average. Clocking an average of 3.6 sessions per day over the last two months, players doubled the Flurry benchmark of 1.8 daily game sessions. Zombie Farm has a massive, loyal, fan base that truly enjoy checking in with their lovable zombie horde.

Commenting on the news, The Playforge's founder Vince McDonnell said: "Zombie Farm has cultivated an amazing community of players. We are fortunate to have a dedicated fan base who is excited to see new content, and continue to love the game update after update. Our players are fundamentally different than users who pick up a game, play it for a few minutes or even a week, but rarely launch the game again once they've lost interest. We're continuing to grow Zombie Farm as an engaging, fun, and family-friendly game. Users have collectively clocked 60 million hours of game-play and we hope to grow this figure meaningfully over the next year. We plan to expand our studio operations to include new platforms as we continue to deliver new and engaging content for Zombie Farm as well as our next title."

Zombie Farm is available for download FREE on the App Store in the Games category.
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