Google Shopper 2.0 eases finding great deals

Google Shopper 2.0 eases finding great deals
Google Shopper 2.0 comes with a new set of features in Google Shopper for Android to make it even easier to research products and find great value deals when you’re on-the-go. With Google Shopper, you can now find, save and redeem offers at nearby businesses through three tabs:

+ Today’s Offer: displays a single offer for discounted goods or services in your area. (currently available in Portland, Oregon, the San Francisco Bay Area and New York, with other cities to follow)
+ Nearby Offers: 'Eat' and 'Play' categories which nearby businesses have submitted through Google Places.
+ My Offers: When you come across an offer you like you can save it for later. Your saved and purchased offers appear on this tab and you can see which offers are close to expiring. To take advantage of an offer, just navigate to ‘My Offers,’ select the one you’d like, and click ‘Redeem’. In the future you’ll also be able to access and redeem your saved offers using Google Wallet.

The app is currently available for Android 2.1 and higher devices in the US and UK. You can download Google Shopper 2.0 from Android Market. If you already have the app installed you’ll automatically receive a notification to update it.
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