SPB Brain Evolution 2 Android Game released

SPB Brain Evolution 2 Android Game released
SPB Software has released its famous game, SPB Brain Evolution for Android. SPB Brain Evolution is the bestselling game for Windows Mobile and is already available for iPhone, Maemo, Symbian and Windows Phone 7 users. Now Android users who are keen on self-improvement can keep their brain busy, even while they rest.

SPB Brain Evolution is a set of intellectual mobile games that helps train the brain and improves memory, logic, arithmetic and puzzle-solving skills. It effectively combines brain training with entertainment. It’s addictive, challenging and engaging at the same time. The application features a suite of 12 mini-games, which have to be played in sequence: only if you achieve good results is the next one unlocked. The variety of games and the difficulty of some levels can capture the player's attention for a long time and make the playing process really exciting. After completing each level the players are rewarded with interesting and surprising facts and statistics.

The 2 modes of the game will allow the players to track their personal brain evolution and see how they improve in the course of the game. The training mode develops logic, memory, calculation, orientation and pattern skills. The marking mode registers the individual progress.

SPB Brain Evolution is a very useful and smart time-killer that allows you to exercise your brain while having lots of fun and entertainment. Now Android users have a chance to become addicted to self-improvement with SPB Brain Evolution.

SPB Brain Evolution 2 for Android Main Features:
+ 12 exercises (including Sudoku)
+ addictive sequential game play
+ brain marking and training modes
+ scoring and progress tracking systems
+ multiple user profiles
+ cool facts knowledgebase

SPB Brain Evolution for Android is compatible with Android 1.6 smartphones and higher. 4 out of 12 mini-games and one round in the marking mode are available for free from the Android Market. In-app purchase of other games is available for $2.99. For more information, please visit www.spb.com.
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