Mobage social gaming platform launched by DeNA in China

Mobage social gaming platform launched by DeNA in China
DeNA has announced the official launch of Mobage, DeNA Group’s social gaming network, in China through a localized service for smartphones. DeNA also introduced the Chinese versions of two in-house Android social game apps for Mobage, Ninja Royale and Aqua Collection, which have been popular in Japan since releasing in May. Mobage allows players to interact through social games and enjoy in-app features and social networking elements such as wall posts, direct messages and interest-based forums.

There are two games launched alongside the new social gaming platform;
1. Ninja Royale, features a touchscreen-optimized user interface that allows players to throw ninja stars by tapping and to swing a sword by swiping the screen. Players complete their secret missions while collecting treasures by fighting or collaborating with others via the Mobage network.
2. Aqua Collection, a mobile title recognized for its sophisticated graphics, lets players collect and grow fish while decorating their aquarium through collaborations with other Mobage friends. Both games are free-to-play and paid virtual items will be offered beginning in August.

DeNA’s official rollout for Mobage in China will include ten titles by the end of August, including both original DeNA games and content developed by third parties. Mobage Android apps were developed using ngCore, a game development engine created by ngmoco, DeNA’s U.S.-headquartered subsidiary. ngCore allows developers to release games across devices and regions with a single source code. DeNA also aims to offer an iOS Mobage app in China in the near future.

Mobage Android app is available for download FREE in the Android Market in the Casual category.
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