3 INQ social networking apps for Android available for download

3 INQ social networking apps for Android available for download
Android users who are Facebook fans, INQ has released three social networking applications for Android. They are "INQ Social Sync", "Social Widget Suite by INQ", and "People by INQ". Now, INQ social apps are not just for INQ Android smartphone. Other Android phones can also enjoy the 3 apps for free. These Android apps are available for download in the Android Market.

The first new application is "INQ Social Sync". The engine behind INQ's social networking integration, INQ Social Sync allows your phone to synchronise with Facebook. The app keeps all of your widgets and apps always up-to-date.

The next application is "Social Widget Suite by INQ". The Social Widget Suite by INQ lets users get Facebook video, photos, web and status posts live on your home screen.

The third Android app is "People by INQ". Using the Android app, you can keep track of your top Facebook friends on mobile. It lets you check out their latest update, browse their walls or tap on their profile picture to contact them directly. The first time you open the app, your phone will automatically suggest your five top Facebook friends, based on Facebook's Social Graph API. Customise the list by pressing the Options key and Choose friends. According to the developer, to get the most out of INQ People, you'll also need to download and install INQ Home Live widgets and INQ Social Sync.

The three INQ social networking apps for Android are available for download FREE in the Android Market in the Social category.
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