Vringo Facetones app available on GetJar

Vringo Facetones app available on GetJar
Vringo has launched its Facetones product on GetJar. From previous posts, you might be aware of Vringo, the company providing software platforms for mobile video applications and video ringtones. Vringo's Facetones product creates an automated video slideshow using friends’ photos from social media web sites and photo sites and then plays this video slideshow each time the user makes or receives a mobile call. Facetones currently connects with Facebook, providing for a significantly enhanced mobile experience for users of social media. An ad-supported version of Facetones will be offered to GetJar's global users at www.getjar.com.

Vringo's scalable cloud-based distributed application architecture enables subscribers to browse and download mobile videos, set them as video ringtones and instantly share them with friends. Vringo has content partnerships with major content providers including EMI, T-Pain, Tiesto, Muhammad Ali, Turner, Marvel, Discovery Mobile, RTL, Ingrooves and Agence France-Presse.

Commenting on the news, Vringo’s President Andrew Perlman said: "GetJar makes it possible to expand the reach of our Facetones product on a truly global scale. Boasting 2 billion downloads to date, GetJar provides more than 150,000 mobile applications across all major platforms. After the successful launch of our Video ReMix app earlier this year, we are thrilled to be working with GetJar again as we launch Facetones through their mobile platform."
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