Sprint shows off HTC Evo 3D's potential via "Bubble Mania" 3D Video

Sprint has uploaded 3D Bubble Mania online video, shot in 3D using HTC EVO 3D. Bubble Mania is an online video that puts a fresh spin on the "flash mob" concept. This is the first Sprint online video shot in 3D – also available in 2D – and documents 10 bubble artists as they surprise an unsuspecting group of children and adults at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. A different interpretation of the flash mob – where people blend into the crowd and then burst into song or dance – these incognito park-goers, dressed all in black, create thousands of gigantic bubbles to the great amusement of passersby.

According to Sprint,
The "Bubble Mania" 3D Video showcases the potential of an HTC EVO 3D device – watch it on your HTC EVO 3D device and enjoy a cinema-like experience – and it provides inspiration for Sprint users to capture, upload and share their own on-the-go experiences while using 4G speeds.
Commenting on the news, Fared Adib (Sprint's senior vice president of Product Development) said: "We hope that this video will inspire people to create their own 3D mini movies or videos and share them online with their social networks. This is a fun attempt to show the possibilities of sophisticated mobile technology. You never know when you will want to take a video of something going on right in front of you, and HTC EVO 3D provides you that capability plus a whole lot more."
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