Twidroyd is now UberSocial

Twidroyd is now UberSocial
The popular Twitter client app Twidroyd becomes UberSocial. Twidroyd is now UberSocial for Android. Twidroyd fans can still enjoy the same features that they've come to know and love in Twidroyd, and more. Using the Twidroyd theme in UberSocial for Android, users can go on using the current interface.

Quoted from UberSocial's blog,
If you are a former Twidroyd Pro User: please leave Twidroyd Pro on your phone so that when we make changes to UberSocial for Android in the next few weeks, your phone’s device # will automatically trigger the premium version of UberSocial for Android. Currently, there is no difference between regular and premium versions of UberSocial for Android.
UberSocial for Android is available for download FREE in the Android Market in the Social category.
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