3D printing for mobile accessories? Clear-Coat launches RapidCut

Clear-Coat Announces Launch Of RapidCut, An Automated Cut-on-Demand Mobile Protection System -- Clear-Coat brings the benefits of 3D printing to the wireless industry

Clear-Coat, maker of mobile accessories, has launched RapidCut, an automated mobile protection production system for brick and mortar stores. Prior to RapidCut, the only option for retailers was to buy and inventory pre-cut mobile protectors, which results in both missed sales and worthless overstock. Now, without taking up valuable shelf and hook space, the RapidCut system can be placed in any store environment and allows resellers to manufacture Clear-Coat screen and full body protection for virtually every device, automatically cutting them on demand within seconds.

"Think of it like 3D printing for mobile accessories. No matter what device the customer walks in with, we can instantly create a protective cover for them in seconds, and our retailers are seeing the sales boost as a result," said Eric Griffin, co-founder of Clear-Coat. "It's all the benefits of what 3D printing promises to become, but with RapidCut, it's happening right now in the mobile accessories space."

Since its beta launch in April the new platform has accounted for more than 30,000 custom screen protectors and full body skins made, and retailers using RapidCut realize a 20% increase in sales.

About Clear-Coat LLC.: Clear-Coat, an Inc. 5000 company, is a manufacturer and innovator of mobile accessories with all design and manufacturing operations located in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Clear-Coat products can be found through an international network of 90+ mall kiosks, distributors, repair shops, resellers, and Clear-Coat.com. Clear-Coat's flagship original product is an ultra-clear protective film that wraps around the entire device without adding the bulk, featuring military grade scratch protection and self-healing technology, all backed by a lifetime guarantee. For more information about RapidCut, visit www.rapidcut.us.

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