Camera360 version 7.0 update released for Android and iOS

Through this update, Camera360 aims to become a platform providing mobile photography product and service.
Camera360 Announces Revolutionary Update Version 7.0 -- A Big Step Forward to Build An Ecosystem of Mobile Photography Tools and Services

Camera360, the global pioneer in mobile photography announced the release of version 7.0 update, a revolutionary transformation with a brand new product concept and enhanced user experience.

This update is a disruptive innovation for the worldwide popular photography app from inside out. It reorganizes all the features and integrates them into the virtual usage scenarios with revamped User Interface (UI). The latest Camera360 version 7.0 is redesigned around three dimensions according to the entire user journey: capturing beautiful moments of life, seeking inspiration, and exploring more possibilities.

The centered "Camera" section itself will continue to provide professional yet easy-to-use functionalities so that users can enjoy the most impressive photo capturing and editing experience. Meanwhile, the newly added section, "Inspiration", will serve as a unique platform which enables users to seek inspiration and share their creations. Additionally, in the "Discover" section, users can explore more fun ways of mobile photography, including popular features like photo movie, poster camera and so on.

As a unique photo capturing and editing tool, Camera360 has been dedicating to leveraging the photography experience for over 450 million users worldwide. The release of the new version is not only a reformation for the product itself, but also an indication of Camera360's business transformation effort. "We are now transitioning from a pure photography tool to a platform providing digital photography product and service," said Xu Hao, CEO of Camera360.

With the release of Version 7.0, Camera360 will continue to provide more value for the creative community, building an ecosystem of products and services in the whole process of mobile photography including content creation, storage, communication as well as consumption. "This transformation takes us a big step forward to becoming the best mobile photography service provider in the world. More extended services will come in with the update of version 7.0," Xu added.

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About Camera360
Camera360 is a technology and art company building an ecosystem of digital tools and services for the creative community worldwide to capture, compose and share beautiful moments of their lives. Camera360 is backed by SIG China, Gobi Partners, and Matrix Partners China.

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