Clash of Kings Free Anniversary Gifts Update

Clash of Kings Update Gives Gamers Free Anniversary Gifts. Clash of Kings is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a neat update that just went live, offering free celebration gifts for a whole week. Attracting fans worldwide, Clash of Kings has proved to be quite popular since its debut a year ago, with the number of users increasing on a daily basis to over 64 million worldwide.

Clash of Kings is one of the most popular mobile games in 2015, with millions of downloads and players across Android and iOS, and this week the game turns one year old. The game keeps getting better and better as the developers are continuously updating Clash of Kings with more features, additional options, new attack strategies and new troops and buildings, and now to keep the excitement going everyone can receive free celebration gifts for an entire week.

ELEX recently did some maintenance on the game to ensure that users can enjoy a smooth experience. Moreover, a new update involving anniversary gifts will make things more interesting. Here is what is available in the Clash of Kings update anniversary celebration:
  • Increased resource gathering speed by 50% in the Kingdom Map
  • Increased the capacity of resource points by 50% in the World Map
  • Increased the Lord experience earned after defeating monsters by 300%
  • Added Fireworks items in the Shop for purchase, but you can also get free Fireworks in the Wishing Well by defeating monsters
  • Added drift bottles in the Fountain
  • Added Anniversary Medals
To celebrate Clash of Kings turning one, the update, which was announced early on Tuesday, August 11, allows users to get free celebration resources if they're willing to update to the latest version. In order to accumulate as many resources as possible, it is recommended that players sign-in often and clear their collectors.

In addition, early this month, ELEX released a massive update of Clash of Kings called the "Cross-Kingdom Wars update," that introduced new Ancient Battlefield event, a new Grand Alliance event, and a massive overhaul to the competitive players.

The announcement further touts that Clash of Kings has been widely successful, becoming the No. 3 mobile strategy game and strengthening the way mobile gamers enjoy. The game is now 10 times bigger in terms of both functions and players in comparison with last year, and it is available for free on Google Play here and on Apple's App Store here.

SOURCE Elex-tech
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