Geekin Radio - Social Music Streaming App that allows All to DJ, Listen, Chat and Share in Real-Time

Geekin Radio App Arrives for First Truly Social Listening Experience -- New Social Music Streaming App Allows All to DJ, Listen, Chat and Share in Real-Time

Geekin Radio blasted on the scene today with the Geekin Radio app – the first truly social mobile listening experience. Users now have the ability to create and broadcast their own playlists so other users can listen with them, live and in perfect sync, no matter where they are. The Geekin Radio app is built on a patent-pending technology that offers a truly synchronized, shared listening experience and brand new listening features like Chain Listening, in-broadcast chatting, Fire and more. The team behind Geekin Radio are music enthusiasts with technology backgrounds, including a founding developer of popular app Yik Yak. The app is free and available now in the App store.

"Technology has provided our society with so many ways to easily connect with people, places and news, yet there is a gap when it comes to connecting over music," said Gavin McCulley, CEO and co-founder, Geekin Radio. "People are streaming music through one app, but they are connecting with friends and fans on other platforms. We saw this as an opportunity to bring both worlds together. Our app allows users to jump into the headphones of friends, fans, sports stars and idols, engaging and listening along in real-time. In our increasingly mobile world, people can finally listen to music as it was intended – together."

At launch, the Geekin community will have access to more than 20 million songs provided through SoundCloud. A key feature never before implemented in any other app will be the Chain Listening feature, which allows broadcasters to introduce listeners to other broadcasters, creating a rolling approach to building massive audiences. This feature will also allow influencers to become tastemakers within the Geekin community and promote the discovery of new music. With the app it is also now possible for anyone to become famous for his or her ability to curate popular playlists, influence the spread of music, and build engaged followings, much like YouTube stars have emerged.

"Currently, all music streaming services provide an isolated listening experience, and each has its own spin on how that lonely experience is laid out. None of them allow for real-time engagement between listeners and broadcasters with zero latency or listening disruption," said Thomas Vitale, co-founder and product manager, Geekin Radio. "The technology we've built has never been implemented. We have successfully synchronized the playing of music across all mobile devices, independent of network connectivity, allowing for the first authentic remote shared listening experience."

At launch, key features include:
  • Discover – Find your friends, idols, and popular broadcasters and listen live in perfect sync. Follow them and copy playlists to listen to anytime. Explore trending music and add it to add to your playlist.
  • Create – Create playlists and share them live for a real-time social listening experience.
  • Engage – In-app messaging between users during the broadcast (conversations disappear upon termination of the broadcast).
  • Notify – Share your broadcast via Twitter or text message and receive notifications when people of interest are broadcasting.
  • Measure – Receive immediate feedback on metrics such as what listeners like and don't like with Fire (similar to a 'like' symbol meaning the playlist is hot) and Chat, as well as how the broadcast is ranking amongst listeners, which allow broadcasters to make adjustments and increase their following
The Geekin Radio app is downloadable free today for iOS users in the app store and will be available for Android in the near future. Geekin Radio is free for users to listen in with others, which includes features such as broadcasting playlists, participating in chats, and adding multiple playlists. Premium services will be added in future releases.

About Geekin Radio
Geekin Radio App is the first social listening experience incorporating real-time listening, chatting and data. Based in Charleston, SC, the Geekin Radio co-founders (Thomas Vitale, Tim Barret and Gavin McCulley) and the rest of the team are committed to providing a dynamic experience for music fans to listen to music together, discover new artists, connect with artists and music enthusiasts, and broadcast playlists for others to listen and engage with. More information can be found at

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