Clash of Kings huge update -- new Cross-Kingdom wars and more

Clash of Kings to Move Toward a System for Open, Cross-platform, Cross-Kingdom Play in Big Update.

The hit free mobile game Clash of Kings will be given a huge update that will make the competition in the game more intense and exciting. The update's main focus is the opening of the new Cross-Kingdom wars and other content for the best of the best to compete in. Kingdom wars are much like Alliance wars except that you are competing against other kingdoms.

Considering its huge popularity since its launch last year, it's no wonder that Clash of Kings is still getting updated with new features and content on a regular basis. ELEX, the game developer, has been very diligent in maintaining a high level of quality for the title and listening to players' feedback.

"There is a wall that has divided the greater community of Clash of Kings gamers. It's the barrier that prevents two people who play the same game from playing with or against each other, simply because they're in different kingdoms," said the company. "The latest Ancient Battlefield update has proven that cross-kingdom gaming is possible. The solution is an open system, supported by all major gaming platforms, allowing everyone to play with everyone. It would bring our gamers together."

The world of Clash of Kings on iOS, Android and Facebook belongs to the same world, so all players should interact, raid and take revenge against each other. This new feature has been requested by many players.

Rumored to be released with dragons, the Summer 2015 update is set to offer some major new features that will drastically change how gamers enjoy Clash of Kings. No official date yet, but here are a few videos showing off new features, and everything the player needs to know about this.

Of course, this incoming update also includes tons of game balancing fixes and improvements to the AI and UI as well. The updated Clash of Kings may be downloaded for free, for Android visit , and for iOS visit .

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