VoxWeb iOS and Android apps released in entire North America, Europe, South-Asia and Australia

Speaking Pictures App VoxWeb now Live in the US and Europe.

Speaking pictures social network VoxWeb has announced the launch of its iOS and Android apps in entire North America, Europe, South-Asia and Australia. The speaking 'orange line picture' app was released gradually in more than fifty countries over the last five days.

VoxWeb iOS and Android apps allows creation of speaking pictures by providing an option to add voice to an image for up to 11 seconds. A speaking picture is depicted as a picture with an orange line beneath the image. The created speaking pic can be sent inter-personally to contacts in the VoxWeb network or shared publicly to followers in the social section of VoxWeb. When any user receives or comes across a picture with an orange line then he/she can touch the pic to hear it.

Within few hours of the launch, some amazing speaking pics and speaking selfies were created and shared from university campuses, Champs Elysees in Paris, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and many renowned places.

"Nothing captures a moment and fires imagination better than a speaking picture. Through selfies and group-photos in concerts or stadiums to incredible travel pics with mood of streets to emotional selfies and special family photos, speaking pics or vox-pics will enable every internet user to capture and share a moment like never before. The experience of consuming a speaking pic is so amazing that after that you would look out for an orange line below any pic you come across. The mind literally swims after consuming a pic with voice," said Yash Mishra, IIT Kanpur grad and inventor of speaking orange line pics.

User experience and network structure

In technology and user experience, anything that saves a step delights users. Through VoxWeb App a user can give perspective to a pic without breaking momentum with QWERTY keyboard by simply adding a voice or capturing ambient noise on the fly.

Speaking orange line pics are shared on a very different VoxWeb social network. The network structure of VoxWeb is designed by giving preference to communication over sharing potential making it a communication-first social network. "VoxWeb network structure or feed algorithm does not come in the way of content creator and its willful audience, thus shifting the power back to content creators from network algorithms," added Yash Mishra.

VoxWeb will be made available to the rest of the world over the next 6-8 weeks.

SOURCE VoixWeb Private Limited
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