Clean Master to come pre-installed on Huawei Honor 7 smartphone

Huawei Honor 7
Cheetah Mobile Partners with Honor 7 Phone for Better User Experience -- Clean Master to come pre-installed on Honor 7 smartphone

Cheetah Mobile, the leading developer of mission-critical mobile utility applications, has announced a partnership with Honor, on the launch of its newest flagship mobile phone, Honor 7, in London.

Honor 7 continues to build on its energetic brand which brings the latest revolutionary technology to the digitally focused crowd, while Clean Master is Cheetah Mobile's leading mobile application for helping users manage their apps on Android. The partnership between the two companies will see them cooperate closely to enhance the user experience through software and communication services.

"Honor is a brand created for digital natives and we are working to build an ecosystem which fosters a more enjoyable and convenient mobile-internet world for the next generation. Cheetah Mobile shares the same vision," said Liudan, Chief Strategic Official and Vice President of Honor.

Clean Master keeps Android devices running smoothly and will let Honor 7 customers easily take control of the amount of space downloaded apps are using. As apps downloaded from Google Play are used more frequently, the amount of unnecessary files accumulate and take precious space that should be saved for pictures, videos, or music. Clean Master quickly cleans those junk files and gives users a way to combat wasted space.

"It's exciting to see the Honor brand continuing to expand its reach while keeping its users' needs at the forefront. Honor 7 and Clean Master are a perfect match," said Jie Xiao, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Cheetah Mobile.

Clean Master is a seamless complement to Honor 7's sleek metallic and ergonomic exterior, which is packed with the latest hardware users are seeking. It features a frame-free fingerprint sensor which allows 360-degree highly-sensitive, fast and accurate fingerprint recognition, a high resolution 20MP rear camera and world-class power enhancing capabilities. It will be available in two colors, mystery gray and fantasy silver, and sold in the U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Finland, with other markets to follow soon.

About Cheetah Mobile
Cheetah Mobile is a leading mobile internet company. The Company aims to provide the best apps for mobile users worldwide, while building a leading global mobile ad platform for advertisers. As of June 2015, Cheetah Mobile had approximately 494 million mobile monthly active users. Its mission critical applications, including Clean Master, CM Security, Battery Doctor and Duba Anti-virus, help make the internet and mobile experience speedier, simpler, and safer for users worldwide. Cheetah Mobile is the publisher of Clean Master, the #1 mobile app in the Google Play Tools category worldwide by monthly downloads in June 2015, according to App Annie.

The Company also provides various platform products such as, Cheetah browser, game centers, and mobile app stores to provide multiple user traffic entry points and global content distribution channels for its business partners.

About Honor
Honor represents a leading Smartphone e-brand of Huawei group. It was created to meet the needs of digital natives through internet-optimized devices offering superior user experience that inspires action, fosters creativity and empowers young people to achieve their dreams. Honor is brave to do things differently and bring changes, aiming to provide the best technology and innovation to the customers. Honor, for the brave.

SOURCE Cheetah Mobile
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