Playbuzz collaborates with MTV to launch its new Swiper format ahead of the 2015 VMAs

Playbuzz Partners With MTV to Engage Fans Around the World -- With the upcoming 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, Playbuzz and MTV collaborate to launch Playbuzz's newest interactive media format for driving online audience engagement

Playbuzz, the world's leading platform for interactive digital content formats, announced the launch of its new Swiper format in an exclusive partnership with MTV. Playbuzz continues to be a strategic innovation partner for MTV, collaborating on media experiences that have proven to be immensely popular and generate massive engagement with audiences everywhere. The launch of Swiper ahead of the 2015 VMAs is the latest example of this fruitful alliance, enabling MTV to offer fans a creative, fun and fresh digital experience that's interactive, mobile-friendly and optimized for consuming and sharing across social media.

"As we continue working with innovative publishers like MTV to provide powerful tools and fresh media formats for driving audience engagement, we are excited to once again collaborate with MTV to launch the Swiper format leading up to this year's VMAs," said Playbuzz CEO and Co-Founder Shaul Olmert. "It is incredibly rewarding to empower digital publishers with new ways to create highly-engaging media experiences that appeal to today's always-connected, always-on-the-go audiences - and we look forward to the role Swiper will play enhancing and extending the VMA experience."

Following the success of last year's cooperation between Playbuzz and MTV around the VMAs that saw the launch of Playbuzz's Ranked List voting format - which drew nearly one million audience votes on the initial MTV item - MTV turned to Playbuzz to help them develop an innovative format for delivering their VMA content. The result: Swiper. This playful voting mechanism gives users a new, fun way to easily vote on different subjects, topics and conversations - and to share that experience through their social networks. In just a few days since exclusively launching the Swiper format with MTV, it has attracted nearly a half-million votes, views and social media interactions.

"The 'MTV Video Music Awards' is one of the most talked about events of the year before, during and after the show," said Eric Ditzian, Senior News Director at MTV. "Our collaboration with Playbuzz has given fans a cool, easy, fun and versatile way to not only engage with our editorial coverage but also to share that content through their own social platforms. To date, we're already seeing phenomenal engagement with Swiper in a very short amount of time."

Using stacks of illustrated questions, Swiper compels users to quickly swipe through and vote with one gesture, allowing audiences to actively participate in the content they're experiencing in a way that's fun and familiar to today's millennials. The Swiper format is the latest Playbuzz offering and was cultivated in order to empower publishers and brands to package content that is visual, interactive, enjoyable and maximizes user engagement and social sharing.

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