EPGL's "Smart Case" -- A Unique Device for Storing Future Electronic Contact Lenses

EPGL Invents the "Smart Case" for Contact Lenses -- A Unique Device for Storing Future Electronic Contact Lenses.

EP Global Communications, Inc. (OTC: EPGL). In the past month, EPGL has been contacted by several Investment firms and some of Silicon Valley's venture capital firms even though EPGL is not currently seeking venture capital. Why is this?

Forbes Magazine summed it up best on July 31, 2015: "Forget about the Apple Watch...we're about to enter the next level of high tech innovation – connecting with yourself."

EPGL's stock has risen 100% since early July 2015. It is becoming more widely known that EPGL has patents pending in one of the hottest developing trends; smart contact lenses. Augmented vision is expected to be a multi-billion dollar industry forthcoming. This includes improved vision correction and the giant market for visual data such as email, text, video and virtual reality projected into the eyes. Contact lenses are the Holy Grail for this technology as recent movies such as "Mission Impossible" illustrate.

EPGL announces today, yet another specific technology it has invented; "The Smart Case" which takes today's average contact lens case and turns it into a computerized data transfer medium, charging medium and analytical medium, all while you sleep at night. "This will be your contact lens' 'Mothership'," said David Markus Ph.D. "Future contact lenses will require much more than just a simple case with solution in it. It's not easy to do all this in a fluid environment where contact lenses must live," said Markus. EPGL has shown the technology to be effective in experimentation at top manufacturing facilities. The Company is positioning this technology and others as essential platforms for major manufacturers to license it.

For the past three years, EPGL has been deeply involved in some key pioneering technology for integration of electronics into soft contact lenses and now has several patents pending. "The future of the smart phone is literally in your field of vision," said Michael Hayes, President of EPGL. "Those who don't believe it are going to be left behind as some companies and investors were left behind in the smart phone revolution. The time to get involved in this revolution is right now, not tomorrow or the next day, in our opinion. Exponential growth of this industry is beginning now."

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EP Global Communications, Inc. is an advanced technology research and development company for both medical devices and consumer electronics devices specializing in microelectronic mechanical systems (MEMS).

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