iBackPack - Next Generation Backpack Coming Soon on Indiegogo

iBackPack has taken a normal backpack and filled it with technology. It allows anyone to become their own WIFI Hotspot and up to 6 friends connect at one time. The Tesla style battery is powerful enough to charge 6 iPads or 12 iPhones from scratch. The Bluetooth speaker system plays music, retractable power cord makes it easy to recharge all electronics, Bluetooth, GPS capabilities and much more.

In anticipation of the back-to-school 2015 experience, iBackPack of Texas, Inc. announces a number of new features to their high technology backpack. iBackPack owners will now be able to connect to the internet through AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. Ile Jugovski states, "we are excited about enhancing the current battery bank system to one that is powerful enough to charge 12 iPhones or 6 iPads from scratch."

In addition, iBackPack has given users the ability to design their own iBackPack using sophisticated new online system. Anyone is eligible to enter the contest. The top 3 designs as determined by a vote by users will receive a free iBackPack. The winners of each respective city move onto the global contest and grand prize winner receives an all expense paid trip to Maui, Hawaii, accommodations at the Grand Waialiea and thousands of dollars in spending money. 2nd Prize receives trip to Cabo San Lucas and 3rd prize gets to hang out with the movie stars in Hollywood, California.

Ile Jugovski, iBackPack's Vice President says, "We are excited about offering the ability for users worldwide to create their own design - and rewarding the top designers with a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Maui, Hawaii." iBackPack's CEO & Founder states, "the contest is one more example of how iBackPack is leveraging the talent of the world through crowdsourcing."

For more updates visit iBackPack website: http://www.ibackpack.co

August 15th is the launch date for iBackPack's crowdfunding program. The company has teamed with crowdfunding pioneer Indiegogo.

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