actvt announces the next-gen of mobile video

actvt (reads "activity") provides a quick and fun way to select the highlights from your video clips and automatically assemble them into short edits ready to share

SAN FRANCISCO -- actvt, the new free mobile video-sharing and social networking app designed to provide a fun outlet for personal video footage, has been announced. The app enables its users to automatically generate short edits from their personal video footage through the interactive selection of clip highlights.

With the explosive popularity in action cameras (data published on Statista shows a 191 percent growth in action camera sales from 2013 to 2015), and the increasing quality in mobile phone cameras, the potential and desire for personal video creation is overwhelming. However, it's no news that the majority of footage captured rarely leaves the capture device. actvt's proprietary research indicates that the leading deterrents to sharing personal video are the time and skills required to edit them.

"We've found the perfect balance between creative control and simplicity in mobile video editing. actvt sets the new standard for instant video creation and sharing," said Alexander Casassovici, CEO and co-founder of actvt. "actvt also reveals a new form of social interaction, - authenticity and emotion beyond what a photo can offer."

To create edits, users can import video clips not only from their phones, but also from places such as iCloud, Dropbox, and wireless devices. Users will be able to share their edits with other users on the platform as well as on their social media profiles. The app will also integrate with other services for cross-functionality and to provide more visual elements for users to add to their edits.

The app features a user feed that was primarily created to facilitate content discovery. The feed allows users to search for specific activities, profiles or locations, and was largely developed to facilitate community engagement on the platform - one of the team's favorite aspects of actvt.

actvt will be free and available for early access on iOS starting today. Users will be selectively on-boarded but are welcome to sign up at any time.

About actvt
The company was founded in June 2015 by Alexander Casassovici, Pascal Manchon and Thierry Teyssier. actvt is the name of the underlying company as well as the app.

For more information visit actvt's website

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