Chiekoo Bell is an alert system that will alert users on their smartphones, mobile devices and tablets

Chiekoo Bell
Intelletto Technologies Releases the ChieKoo Bell

Intelletto Technologies has announced the worldwide release of the ChieKoo Bell. Chiekoo Bell is an alert system that will alert users on their smart phones, mobile devices and tablets. In order to capture the alert broadcasted by ChieKoo Bell, the handheld mobile device must have Bluetooth 4 capability and run the ChieKoo Bell app either in foreground or in background.

"As smart phones and wireless devices take a more prominent role in our lives, it is only natural that basic very old ideas like generation of alerts within your proximity should also be captured on people's smart phones and tablets." Said Homayoun Ahmadi, Vice President, Product Development, Intelletto. "We have set out to provide the most affordable way of generating alerts using BLE technology for smart phones and tablets and we strongly believe that we have accomplished that with ChieKoo Bell."

Functionality and Usage
Contrary to conventional alert systems such as audio bells that are heard by everyone in the vicinity of the base station, ChieKoo Bell will only alert the users who have the needed application running on their handheld devices. ChieKoo App has been designed to allow the user to Register and Monitor the alerts from a ChieKoo Bell Device. In order for user to receive Alerts and Acceptance Notifications on the app, the User must be either the Owner or the Follower of the Chiekoo Bell Device. For more information on how the product works, please click here.

The applications can range from a simple door bell to a more sophisticated alert system for customer service in retail and hospitality industries.

Pricing and Availability
The ChieKoo Bell package including mounting gear and batteries is priced at US$49 and available for purchase online. Please visit and click Buy Online to purchase complete package.

About Intelletto
Intelletto was founded in 2003 by a team of software and hardware professionals with extensive experience in wireless technologies, logistics, and business consulting. Intelletto is committed to delivering high quality, multi-dimensional products to customers, partners and resellers through its unique product and service offerings, by closely synchronizing product development strategies to line up with customers' needs and priorities, focusing on: productivity, cost savings and return on investment. For more information, visit

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