Location-based social networking app Passfeed hits 40 million users

The Leading Social Platform Based On Location
Passfeed Hits 40 Million Users, Stirs Up Drama in Schools -- The sexiest social network App

Passfeed is a location-based social networking app in America. The app has gained over 40 million users worldwide in over one year and is still growing at an astonishing speed.

Through Passfeed, people can make new friends, discover the surrounding area and share moments with other like-minded users. Passfeed quickly gained popularity and became the favored social network among the top party schools in America after its release. College students love to use Passfeed to make friends, organize or join in parties, share real-time life moments and show themselves to the world. Passfeed is accessible to Facebook users, however it is not open to mainland China yet.

Passfeed was created by a local team in Palo Alto, California. They usually make fun of typical Geek culture, because they think networks need more personality. With its uninhibited party style, Passfeed has gained great popularity among student community and aroused a frenzy in party schools like the University of California-Santa Barbara and San Diego State University within a short time after launch. Since then, Passfeed has become one of the hottest social networking apps in universities across the US. See some highlights of Passfeed:

Find new friends nearby based on LBS.

Connect to friends through messages.

Share your life, and show yourself to the world.

Connect with people who share common interests.

The biggest highlight of Passfeed is to make new friends nearby. Passfeed users can meet like-minded people anytime anywhere. Unforgettable online interactions and offline parties make users feel joyful. There are a great number of young college students in America and most of them are the fans of Passfeed, they are extremely eager to expand their social circle. Some enjoy the party while some love dancing to loud music. They can always find their passion on Passfeed.

As more people join, keeping passfeed authentic and attracting new members is critical - it's a place where real people build and maintain a relationship and a place where real people show themselves to the world. Recently Passfeed released a new Android version. As Passfeed technical staff claimed, the update will simplify and smooth out the user experience, while they keep improving the interface and adding new functions and settings.

SOURCE Passfeed Co., Ltd.
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