HOMTOM HT6 and HT5 smartphones come with long battery life that can last for 7 days

HOMTOM HT6 and HT5. Coming soon.
As we grow increasingly dependent on our smartphones, Low Battery becomes a big nuisance. Fortunately, the HOMTOM is the first Smartphone brand from China with a full range of long lasting batteries and will solve this big problem.

HOMTOM is releasing two phones in October, HOMTOM HT6 and HT5. The most prominent features are the huge battery life and rapid charging technology. HT6 carries a battery of 6250 mAh and HT5 with a 4250 mAh battery.

The HT6 has a very impressive power performance. With the 6250 mAh large battery, the HT6 can last for 7 days based on average use, 3 days of heavy use, and up to 72 hours of talking time. When the battery is at only 5%, HT6 can stand by for another 65 hours. Charging this smartphone is incredibly fast. "MediaTek Pump Express," the fast charging technology, can power up the phone to 75% within 30 minutes. It reduces necessary charging time. At the same time, HT6 supports the current output function, to charge your other mobile devices. What's more stunning is that the design of HT6 follows the modern trend, appearing with a 5.5 inch screen and only 9.9mm ultra-slim body.

HT6 is both functional and elegant. It is the perfect choice for your business trip, long-term travel, and outdoor adventures.

HOMTOM's slogan is "More power, lasting longer." "The original concept of HOMTOM, was to create the first smartphone brand with large batteries and a long standby time," said Mr. Xie, the CEO of DG HOMTOM Group Co., Limited. HOMTOM has strong research and development as well as manufacturing teams. Each year the company is estimated to spend 2 million dollars for research and development. There are more than 500 employees and 10 thousand square meters of production base.

The core value of HOMTOM is to produce high quality smartphones with long battery life to serve their worldwide customers. Let's look forward to those amazing phones coming to the market.

HOMTOM HT6 and HT5 Pre-sale from September 24, 2015

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