Johnson Battery Technologies Announces High-Temperature Solid-State Battery Technology, Developed with BP

Johnson Battery Technologies (JBT) has developed a Solid-State battery technology, which will enable wireless and remote applications not previously possible due to the volatility of current batteries at high temperatures. Now JBT is ready to partner with industry and government customers to bring the batteries to the marketplace in a major, scalable way.

"Our team has spent countless hours in the lab perfecting a battery technology that will truly change the game for safe energy storage across a variety of applications," stated Dr. Lonnie Johnson, a former NASA scientist and JBT's CEO and Founder. JBT micro-batteries are ready for the marketplace and the company continues to make steady progress in increasing power and capacity.

JBT's batteries are designed to perform safely and efficiently in the toughest environments, and have the potential for much higher energy density than traditional lithium-ion batteries in the same size and weight package. JBT's cells employ glass electrolytes in lieu of the more traditional and volatile liquid electrolytes, making them much safer as well. The benefits of JBT batteries include:
  • High temperature threshold: The batteries can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees C - 150 degrees C (250-300 degrees F).
  • High and low voltage: The batteries can withstand higher and lower voltages than most conventional batteries.
  • Small size: JBT batteries can be made small enough to fit most sensors and monitoring devices.
  • Safety: With no liquid or gel electrolytes, JBT batteries safely address the risk of explosion.
  • Curvature: The custom battery designs can be formed with curvature.
  • Moisture-Resistant: The JBT batteries can survive autoclave, pasteurization and other industrial processes.
  • Rechargeable: Many high-temperature batteries are primary, while JBT's batteries are rechargeable.
  • Long Life: JBT batteries are designed to last for years.
  • Low Self-Discharge: The batteries are designed to manage thermal runaway situations that cause batteries to short circuit and overheat.
In addition to partnering with BP, JBT is in conversation with other oil and gas companies, as well as leaders in the medical device, automotive, and wearable device industries. The company will also continue to partner with investors and academia.

About Johnson Battery Technologies
Johnson Battery Technologies develops safe custom batteries to fit challenging applications for both the public and private sectors, solving energy problems in a diverse range of industries, including petroleum, aerospace-defense, implantable medical devices, and more. Lonnie Johnson is an engineer and an inventor who holds more than 100 patents and whose technologies have been featured by CNN, Popular Mechanics, and TIME Magazine. He is perhaps most well-known as a former NASA engineer and the inventor of the Super Soaker water gun, one of the most popular toys in the world. For more information on Johnson Battery Technologies, visit

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