Sibdog App to be launched in October 2015 for iOS, and Android

Sibdog App
Dogs & Dog Lovers unite with new Sibdog App -- For several centuries mankind has debated whether or not man's best friend, the dog, can recognise its siblings.

Sibdog, a brand new mobile/web application seeks to positively contribute to this discussion by providing dog owners with a platform for tracing their dogs' ancestry and connecting them with their siblings.

With its unique features the multifaceted Sibdog app is designed to help users connect with one another to share information within the dog loving community and to ultimately help dog owners reunite their beloved pets with their siblings.

Sibdog users can create a profile for their dog (complete with key information and photos) and track their dogs' lineage using criteria such as its breed, mix, date of birth, etc.

Users can link their Facebook and Instagram accounts with Sibdog in order to expedite the search process as well as explore the app's database of information and resources e.g. local veterinarians and pet stores (by location).

At the helm of this initiative is Toronto-based web-developer Saad Wadi, a proud father of a 21 month old Maltese-Bichon-Shih-Tzu named Joy Joy. His inspiration for creating Sibdog was fuelled by a combination of an unfortunate childhood experience of being separated and consequently reunited with his own sibling and his genuine passion for Joy Joy.

This has resulted in his all-round drive to reunite all dogs with their siblings via this app.

Regarding the app he shared, "The application is a fun, interactive, community driven platform where dog owners can learn about their dog's siblings and potentially reunite them as well as set play dates for their pets, network and share valuable information with each other."

He added, "We aspire for Sibdog to connect dog lovers all over the world and change the way we treat these unconditionally loving creatures."

Sibdog which is gearing up to become the #1 destination for like-minded dog lovers has been creating a buzz on social media and will have a presence in several key North-American dog-related events such as the upcoming Woofstock Festival in Ontario, September 26th-27th.

Most notably, a portion of proceeds from the app will be donated to humane societies and animal shelters.

Sibdog will be officially launched in October 2015 for iOS, and android devices.

To obtain more information on Sibdog and to sign up for the app please visit:

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