Tabtor Parent Insights App for iPhone and Android provides real-time monitoring of a child's learning progress

Tabtor Math, Parent Insight App
Tabtor Math Introduces Parent Insights App with Comparative Analytics for Unparalleled View into Child's Real-Time Math Progress -- Game-changing K-8 math tutoring program is further enhanced with new learning pathways and communication capabilities for giving children significant competitive edge

Tabtor Math is releasing an unprecedented new Tabtor Parent Insights app optimized for iPhone and Android smartphones that includes real-time monitoring of a child's learning progress. Tabtor Math is the math tutoring program that fuses the most effective elements of personalized teaching with a fun and engaging iPad® and Android tablet-based experience for measurably improving student math performance.

The new app ( means that parents can gain deep insights into their child's performance and daily engagement with Tabtor Math relative to peers even while on the go, as it includes push notifications, detailed metrics, tutor feedback, performance rankings, and rewards earned. The thoughtfully designed app keeps parents, tutors and children aligned with their common goals towards math success in grades K-8.

Parents and teachers alike credit Tabtor Math with providing enrichment beyond the grade level curriculum while also transforming children who once struggled with math into confident learners. Within the first three months of using Tabtor Math, overall student performance in math improves by more than 90 percent.

"Never before have parents had such an incredibly rich and detailed view into their child's progress in a math tutoring program. We observed that parents want up-to-the-minute information on how their child is doing, in a format that is accessible anytime, anywhere, and with minimal effort," said Raj Valli, founder and CEO of PrazAs Learning, the company behind Tabtor Math. "Tabtor Parent Insights is not only easily accessible with real-time status updates, but also gives parents the ability to drill down into the deep insights needed for making active contributions to their child's success. It's also the first time they have access to real-time comparative analytics on their child's day-to-day performance versus peers."

Carefully designed with the needs of concerned parents in mind, the Tabtor Parent Insights app details subject areas covered, time spent on each worksheet, accuracy level, and offers a comparison with the overall community of K-8 Tabtor Math students. Parents can quickly observe trends with a full range of analytics and graphics of their child's proficiency level in different subject areas, over a period of time.

"My daughter's math scores have improved dramatically since using Tabtor Math. Unlike other math support programs, I am able to let my daughter work independently with her tutor in the selection of topics for worksheets that are challenging and matched to my daughter's abilities," said Caryn Swobe of Reno, Nevada. "Tabtor Parent Insights provides me with a simple, yet detailed snapshot of progress, so that I can ask informed questions and provide input when needed."

Another reason for parents to love Tabtor Math is that it saves them up to 156 hours per year — nearly an entire week! — since Tabtor Math doesn't require time-consuming travel to pre-scheduled tutoring center appointments, or help with teaching or grading of assignments.

Improving Insights, Communication, and Learning Pathways

In addition to the more detailed reporting provided through the Tabtor Parent Insights app, there are other new enhancements to the Tabtor Math program that improve insights, communication capabilities, and learning pathways:
  • Parents will see more detailed reporting from tutors on their child's progress delivered via email.
  • New live chat and direct calling capabilities promotes closer engagement between parents, children, and tutors.
  • Tutors have improved tools for monitoring and analysis of their students' progress so they can provide more precise intervention, including an enhanced proficiency matrix and adaptive diagnostic assessments.
  • Children will enjoy updated Tabtor Math games that build math fluency so they can answer more quickly and accurately.
  • Children have better access to detailed solutions immediately after an incorrect answer.
  • Larger writing surfaces, smoother handwriting capabilities, and improved animations and video play make Tabtor Math even easier and more enjoyable to use.
As well as being a parent-adopted solution, Tabtor Math is an effective addition to math programs in schools. "I look forward to trying out the new features of Tabtor Math. The program allows me to differentiate lessons for individual students," said Lori Woods, an instructional support teacher at Greenbrook Elementary School in New Brunswick, New Jersey, who has been using Tabtor Math in her classroom since early 2013. "Our K-5 instructional support students worked at an overall accuracy rate of 93.5 percent on their Tabtor Math assignments during the 2014-15 school year. But even more important than scores on assessments is the growth in confidence and perseverance that we see in the children who use Tabtor Math. The children literally run to get to Math Club, as they call it."

Pricing and Availability

The Tabtor Parent Insights app for iPhones is available now through the Apple App Store. It will be available for Android smartphones this month on Google Play.

Tabtor Math offers a free 1-week trial and several monthly pricing options ranging from $30 to $120, depending on the level of tutor interaction, frequency of reports, and sibling discounts.

About Tabtor Math
Tabtor Math has rapidly become the world leader in personalized, tablet-based math tutoring using digital analytics and mind-mapping technology. Tabtor Math combines the most effective elements of personalized teaching with a fun and engaging iPad® and Android™ tablet-based experience. It offers a world-class curriculum aligned with provincial, state, and country standards for grades K-8. Tabtor Math is tailored to every child by a dedicated tutor using patent-pending digital-paper technology that allows sharing and review of handwritten work, automatic grading, video tutorials, and mind-mapping abilities and adaptive analytics. Since 2010, thousands of K-8 students around the world using Tabtor Math have seen measurable improvement in math scores. For more information, call 1-888-GET-MATH or visit

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