YotMe - First public App for private parties launched at celebrity packed events for New York Fashion Week

Breakthrough party social app YotMe is a Headlining sponsor for New York Fashion week designer and Reality Star Susanna Barrett Paliotta and Mini-Millionaire Isabella Barrett from Toddlers and Tiaras (TLC). This first public App for private parties is partnered with The Strand Hotel NYC, Uber, Keel Vodka and United Airlines. Celebrity guests include Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom 2, Susan Doneson of Secrets & Wives (Bravo), Lucas Trava of Dance Moms (Lifetime). Plus Paula Mele Mrs. Connecticut International 2015 and Soup Nazi Larry Thomas.

Hosted by Supermodel and current Ms. United Nations 2015 Sherrie Gearheart.

What's next in the new sharing economy? YotMe is the first social app in the sharing economy.

YotMe opens doors to previously off-limits social events as Hosts publish their private functions to the YotMe community and then hand select Guests that have requested to join the fun. Based on profiles and public ratings Hosts can cultivate an extra-ordinary event with unending potential diversity.

Breathe new life into your parties: Tired of the same guests? Use YotMe and users get favorite people plus some who just might be new hilarious friends. YotMe is "where you want to be" of private parties. YotMe is "where you want to go" of social connections. More information about this new App is at www.goyotme.com.

It's a game changer. No one's ever put parties for all people into a global marketplace. Democratizing the private party. How about all those corporate-sponsored boxes at events that fail to reach capacity? Those cool get togethers that never quite get off the ground? Or the last thirty people needed to boost a guest list into something diverse, special, memorable, and exciting. YotMe gets users there. And before this app, there was no way to access these parties, but with the YotMe App users can.

Either Post Fun, or Find Fun.

Why should people be comfortable sharing a party with YotMe? Because there is comfort in highly rated people. The App provides users with a personal "YotMe Social Factor"; this is built over time. Based on the generally accepted scale of 1-5. Is a host a 2 or a 5? Is a guest a 1 or a 4? "Did they show up or bail?" "Were they on time?" "Are they always a guest and never host?" The age old idea of great guests and great hosts now has a digital number, that can open doors to great events around the world!

Barry Hinckley's www.barryhinckley.com entrepreneurial success as a job creator and visionary is well known among industry leaders, his fast track record has already attracted loyal followers. His last start-up 'Bullhorn' was acquired in 2012 for over 135 million dollars.

YotMe is Hinckley's next vision, now taking off in trial stages.

9/13 Fashion Show, 'Bound by the Crown' Couture
4pm: 325 W 38th Street, NYC

9/13 Top of the Strand, Strand Hotel, NYC, 33 W 37th
8pm until midnight, afterparty powered by YotMe

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