Seeker App partners with local vendors in Santa Barbara to promote businesses and reward customers

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Seeker: A New Online Application Launches In Santa Barbara To Promote Shopping & Saving Local -- Innovative Tech Company Partners with Vendors to Promote Businesses & Reward Customers

Seeker has announced an all-new online application delivering high-quality, value-driven deals available in Santa Barbara, California. The company is partnering with local shops, restaurants, grocery stores, wineries and other establishments to expose existing deals and create one-of-a-kind promotions to encourage the Santa Barbara community to shop local and save local.

"Seeker connects the community to local businesses by exposing deals that are relevant and valuable in a variety of categories, many of which already exist but only serve walk-in customers," states Ryan Judy, Seeker Founder. "As a group of entrepreneurs who eat, shop, and play in Santa Barbara, we couldn't figure out why great deals like happy hours or clothing sales were nowhere to be found online. We decided to use that type of existing value as a starting point for Seeker. We designed a beautiful and intelligent mobile web app, and combined it with a team that visits vendors weekly. We like to stay in sync with the vendor to make sure users only see current deals that actually interest them."

In the U.S., shoppers still spend over 90% of their money offline[1], an unexpected figure that highlights the importance of saving local. Seeker is a bridge between the restaurant, or store that changes their business weekly to serve walk-in customers, and the fast-paced world of the internet.

Vendors are able to customize and upload deals individually, or work directly with a Seeker Deal Runner to create exclusive deals and promotions to market on the Seeker platform.

Because local users are engaging with Seeker on the go, the platform becomes an efficient way for vendors to develop a one-on-one relationship with their customers.

"The type of partnerships we are building with vendors are positive, and hugely valuable to our users," states Judy. "Other similar platforms often sacrifice one group for the other, a proposition that has resulted in dissatisfaction. Seeker has decided to sacrifice short-term benefits for long-term happiness."

Seeker is Now:
Having been available to the public for only three weeks, there are over 300 deals cycling on Seeker and currently 70 participating vendors. Seeker tracks location and preferences to make sure users only see what's important to them at the moment. Not only does Seeker work to promote businesses, but the Seeker suite of technology offers extended value to vendors. Available in late 2015, a vendor dashboard will offer instant visibility into various metrics like deal completions, social shares, likes, and more.

How it Works:
Visit to sign up for access to Seeker deals. Features that the application currently offers are neighborhood and category sorting, social integrations to login with, and share on Facebook, liking, map views, as well as simple deal uploading, management and scheduling for vendors. Users who want to know what deals are close by can click "Deals Near Me" – a feature that sorts to the closest location of the user for instant relevancy.

Seeker chooses Santa Barbara as its first market to launch the application and plans to expand to other California cities and nationwide by late next year.

About Seeker
Founded in 2015 in Santa Barbara, California, Seeker ( is a new concept in local deals. Seeker is playing an important role in helping local shoppers find high-quality, value-driven deals that would otherwise not be seen, or known. Shops, restaurants and grocery stores offer discounts every day that are invisible outside of their walls. In a society that still spends 90% of its money offline, these deals truly matter. Seeker is bringing them online so that the community learns about them and in turn can shop and save local. By attracting people to valuable deals in town, Seeker brings more business to participating vendors and rewards conscious buyers. When shoppers sign in to Seeker, they not only see all of the current deals available in Santa Barbara, but also deals in the neighborhoods they call home. The deals they see are changing daily and geared to their preferences, ensuring their timeliness and relevance.

[1] United States Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce

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