ZTE B800S2 and B820T2-A10 New 4K Ultra High-Definition Set-Top Boxes unveiled at IBC Conference

ZTE B800S2
ZTE Unveils New 4K Ultra High-Definition Set-Top Boxes at IBC Conference -- ZTE B800S2 and B820T2-A10 to deliver enhanced next-generation 4K home entertainment experience

ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, unveiled new ultra high-definition set-top boxes supporting 4K resolution to deliver an enhanced viewing experience to homes around the world.

Making their debut at the International Broadcasting Convention 2015 in Amsterdam are ZTE B800S2, a 4K/UHD set top box that enables users to access both IPTV and OTT content and applications running the Android TVTM operating system, and the ZTE B820T2-A10, a 4K/UHD hybrid set-top box that enables users to access both DVB-T2 and OTT content and applications, in addition to compatibility with ZTE’s proprietary SmartHome 2.0 platform.

ZTE B800S2
The ZTE B800S2(shorthanded S2 hereafter) leverages Google's latest Android TVTM operating system and integrates ZTE’s Smart Home 2.0 platform, including 3D games, Web surfing, 1080p video communication, and second-screen remote control. With a user interface device based on Google's Material Design language, the S2 offers built-in support for Google services including Google Play Store, YouTube, Google Movies and Google Music.

With a compact design (192mm×148mm×35mm), the ZTE S2 adopts a 64-bit system architecture with a super powerful premium SOC. The SOC has 12,000 DMIPS for performing complex algorithms and a dedicated 3D GPU to support 4K(3840×2160@60fps 10-bit color) resolution for a complete Ultra-High Definition (UHD) viewing experience. A unique design with HDMI In + HDMI Out dual ports is for daisy-chaining other HDMI devices such as legacy Pay TV STB boxes and DVD/BlueRay players.

ZTE B820T2-A10
ZTE B820T2-A10
The ZTE A10 performs a hybrid role, combining DVB-T2 and OTT applications and integrating with ZTE’s Smart Home 2.0 packages. In compliance with the DVB-T2 standard, the A10 transfers terrestrial signals of UHD live content to users. Equipped with the latest OTT technology, the A10 supports interactive videos, downloads and installed applications of televisions and uses the latest Android 5.1 system to be compatible with Android applications.

The A10’s 64-bit system architecture is built to handle complex algorithms with ease. With support for 3D GPU and UHD 4K (3840×2160@60fps) resolution, users can enjoy enhanced high definition and a stunning viewing experience.

Both the S2 and the A10 utilize advanced the hardware decoding of H.265 (HEVC) video codec, which may save up to 50% more bandwidth than the H.264. The H.265 can deliver a better quality of encoding, helping operators end the bandwidth bottleneck and accelerate the development of UHD service. Both new STBs are also integrated with 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi, GigE, HDMI2.0 and USB3.0 to provide faster external connectivity and premier audio and video effects.

As a global leader in IPTV solutions, ZTE is committed to the development of next-generation set-top-boxes to help operators around the world deliver superior home entertainment experiences to subscribers. According to the Global IPTV Report 2014 by research firm MRG, ZTE is the No. 1 provider of IPTV set-top-boxes in Asia.

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