Nexus One's media gallery is made by Cooliris

Nexus One's media gallery is made by Cooliris
Cooliris has announced a partnership with Google to bring a unique and innovative media gallery to the Android experience, which will be released on the Nexus One smartphone. The Gallery, developed by Cooliris, provides the Nexus One device with the smooth, intuitive and efficient media browsing capabilities that are the hallmark of Cooliris applications. Additionally, Cooliris announced it has joined the Open Handset Alliance with other leaders in the mobile industry.

Features of the new Gallery app include:
+ Scan quickly through thumbnails of media and loads the high-resolution versions on selection.
+ Using geolocation and tagging, users can sort their media into digital stacks by date, time and location, making it easier to find and organize photos and videos.
+ Picasa connection – two-way syncing with your albums.
+ Sharing of individual photos or entire albums via email, MMS, Picasa, or Bluetooth.
+ Integration with other apps that leverage rich media.

Cooliris also announced its move to join the OHA. By joining the Open Handset Alliance and contributing the Gallery application to the Android open source project, Cooliris demonstrates its commitment to supporting open web technologies.
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